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2024 Successful Manager Report

People managers can make or break a company. Yet, they often aren't given the support they need.

After partnering with HR Dive to survey over 200 management-level leaders, PI learned that people managers face several hurdles on their path to success. In the findings, PI uncovers the problem areas where organizations are impeding managers rather than enabling them: Poor success metrics:

  1. One-third of organizations don’t have a formal way to measure the success of their people leaders. Lack of definition

  2. 26% of organizations do not clearly define roles and responsibilities for people leaders. Misaligned goals

  3. People leaders are 50% less likely than organizations to say their teams are “always hitting their goals.” Poor work/life balance

  4. Only 10% of organizations prioritize healthy work-life balance. Insufficient training: Nearly one in four people leaders say their organizations view insufficient training as one of the most significant challenges impeding people leaders’ success.

Download the full report now. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Worth a chat?

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