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Build High-Performing, Collaborative Teams: Your Competitive Advantage

Empower your workforce to achieve exceptional results with our team-building solutions. Leverage the power of PI (Predictive Index) and Positive Intelligence (PQ) to create dream teams built for success.

In today's dynamic business environment, high-performing, collaborative teams are the cornerstone of organizational success. At Meritas Advisory Group, we partner with you to build and develop winning teams that deliver a sustainable competitive advantage. Our expertise spans across team assessments, coaching, workshops, and development programs, all designed to unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Our Team Building Solutions

Customized to your Goals

  • PI Hire & PI Design: Unify your team selection process with PI assessments. PI Hire identifies natural talents and behavioral styles, while PI Design optimizes your team structure for synergy and peak performance.

  • Team Coaching: Our experienced coaches facilitate collaborative team sessions, fostering communication, trust, and conflict resolution. We'll work with your team to establish clear goals and develop strategies for achieving them effectively.

  • PI-Powered Workshops: Deepen your team's understanding of PI and its role in successful collaboration. These interactive workshops equip teams with the tools and strategies to leverage their strengths and overcome challenges.

  • PQ for Teams: Build resilience, mental fitness, and emotional intelligence within your team. Our Positive Intelligence (PQ) program empowers teams to manage stress, navigate change, and thrive under pressure.

Benefits of Our Team Building Programs


Enhanced Collaboration & Communication: 

Foster an environment of open communication and strong team dynamics.


Improved Problem-Solving & Decision-Making: 

Equip teams with the tools to tackle challenges creatively and strategically.


Increased Trust & Accountability: 

Build teams where members hold each other accountable and support one another's success.


Boosted Productivity & Innovation: 

Harness the collective power of your team to drive results and innovation.

Why Choose Meritas Advisory Group?

Decades of Experience: We have a proven track record of building high-performing teams across diverse industries.

Data-Driven Approach: PI assessments and PQ programs provide valuable insights to optimize team development.

Holistic Solutions: We offer a comprehensive suite of services to address your specific team needs.

Focus on ROI: Our programs are designed to deliver a measurable return on investment, improving your bottom line.

Certified Expertise: Our team holds Talent Optimization and Positive Intelligence coaching certifications, demonstrating our commitment to delivering evidence-based solutions.

Ready to build dream teams that drive results?

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